The 1975 Ghosts

It hasn’t been a year to me, but more than ten years for this boys to get the recognition they deserve, ten years of their life that are now captured in an album. More than ten years of suffer, drama, teenage heartbroken, happiness and friendship, those feelings lead them to this, an album where we can all feel the pain, their versions about the experiences they had just like we were there, watching them fall. It’s been only a year when we started to listen to this stories and let them come into our lives, taking part of the soundrack of it and we couldn’t be happier about it.


you know that one album that youve listened to so many times and youd defend it with your life and you can anticipate every single little note that comes after the other and you can sing along to every word and it just has a special place in your heart that no other album can fill

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Anonymous: am i entertaining u bc i can keep going -mg

hahhahaha yes pls wait DID YOU WENT SHOPPING OR NOT

Anonymous: hahahaha lately he's been into smoking, he's been a literal douche and he goes like 'if i wanna be douche i can be i just choose to be nice' -mg